Management July 2016

Management July 2016

What keeps our leaders awake at night?

It’s not an easy job being a leader. And it can be lonely too when the final, critical decision rests solely with you. It’s even harder when the world as we know it is in a constant state of flux, disruption and more change. So what keeps our leaders awake at night? What are the big issues they are grappling with, both for their own organisations and for the wider New Zealand society?

Changing change

Do you need to change the way your organisation embarks on any change initiative? Lehan Stemmet argues for the need to review and change the way change is implemented.

Winning the war for talent: The competition is only getting tougher
Some 19 years after global consultants McKinsey produced its seminal article on the war for talent, the situation, it seems, has only got worse. Iain McCormick explains how Beca is building a talent-led organisation which strives to match client demands, employees’ personal needs and the evolving future
of work.

Diversity: How they do it in Ashburton
There is a bit of a quiet revolution going on in Ashburton as a local rural supplies co-operative turns its business upside down to go nationwide, create a modern business out of an old scale environment and celebrate the diversity of its board. 

Shining the light on working parents
Fiona Hewitt outlines some of the leadership skills she has learnt from being a mother and working with mothers.

Saving the world – and profiting from it. 

Remuneration update: movements largely unchanged but there are underlying pressures.

Managing for a better world
Managing your commute.

Practising self-care.

Is life quality more important than work life balance?