Management March 2016

Management March 2016

A global business perspective

Some 40 heads of state and government along with more than 2500 international business leaders gathered in Switzerland earlier this year for the 46th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. The topics were big and far reaching – global security, climate change, global growth and terrorism. Management has delved into the extensive reports provided by the forum itself to discover what New Zealand leaders might be able to learn from the event.

A cultural change on health and safety
New health and safety legislation, effective from April, represents a culture change in our workplaces. It calls for leadership from the top, a positive duty of ‘due diligence’, and promises tough penalties for breaches. It needn’t, however, cause undue concern for companies and directors already meeting their responsibilities regarding health and safety management.
By Kathy Ombler.

BUILDING a rare beast
Andrew Barnes, managing director of trustee company Perpetual Guardian, concedes he’s “more a leader than a manager”. Reg Birchfield talked to the English-born Barnes about his rise to the top of his adopted country’s fiduciary services sector and the importance of philanthropy.

What music can teach leaders about innovation?
What can a 19th century French composer show today’s businesses? More than you might think. Romantic composer Hector Berlioz addressed a problem that also concerns the managers in any modern firm: how to open space for creativity and innovation. By Ralph Bathurst.

What’s trending? The changing face of learning and development
It is now critical to link any training to an organisation’s long-term strategic and performance goals and to engage employees with learning options to maximise and embed new skills that are measurable and deliver a positive impact.
By Tait Grindley.

To invest in the future, we have to redefine investment. By Suvi Nenonen
and Kaj Storbacka.

A Scandinavian CEO talks about his pay.
By John McGill.

How to stay focused and achieve your goals in 2016.
By Jasbindar Singh.

Self-leadership lessons from a short week.
By Douglas Lang.

Social Media
The third certainty.
By Fiona Powell.