August 28, 2002

Book Extract: Emperor’s new clothes: Enron – the high-tide mark of unsustainable value

Strategic Foresight: The power of standing in the future, is a new book by Nick Marsh (of Theory K and The All Star Company fame) which hit the bookshelves last month. It is a practical guide for managers and leaders interested in managing the future better. It offers a new approach to planning and organisation change based on the “power of standing in the future”. Here are some extracts from chapter 8, Sustainable Value>

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Field of Dreams: The Neil Group’s Albany Centre strategy

Develop it and they will come – underscores the leap of faith that property developer The Neil Group took when it acquired rural land on Auckland’s North Shore from the Housing Corporation back in 1993. The developer’s success in progressively transforming 130 hectares of Albany dirt into a “city within a city” is a lesson in top shelf project management.

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Sources of sunshine

There’s so much disturbing news concerning the ethics of America’s bigger, newer, publicly traded corporations that I was actually surprised to run into smiling CEO the other day. The scene

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