Personal Branding vs the Traditional CV

In the New Zealand job market of 2024, the curriculum vitae will continue its descent into redundancy because it is essentially an historical document, according to one coaching and recruitment company.  

Move to More (M2M) says that instead it’s imperative that individuals, especially those in their mid-40s to 50s, understand the importance of personal branding.

CEO Kathryn Sandford says that in an era where a significant part of a company’s reputation hinges on personality, invisibility on digital platforms is not an option.

“A LinkedIn profile with minimal engagement or a CV that simply narrates past achievements is outdated,” she says.

“Personal branding is about showcasing how one’s unique skills can serve others, providing clarity, focus, and direction for one’s career. The notion that promoting oneself is boastful is debunked by the necessity to remain relevant and competitive in today’s job market.”

Sandford says that a shift from linear career progression to a more dynamic approach is becoming commonplace.

Success is not measured solely by salary but by fulfilment and adaptability. To navigate through these challenging times, she offers this advice:

1. Maintain an active presence on LinkedIn:   Visibility is paramount. It builds your credibility.  “A well-curated LinkedIn profile can act as a beacon for opportunities, making it crucial for individuals to engage actively and consistently on the platform.”

2. Continuous upskilling:  Stagnation is the enemy of progress. “By understanding market needs and technological shifts, and by upskilling accordingly, one remains relevant and invaluable to current and prospective employers.”

3. Invest in Self-Development:  Just as we maintain our vehicles, investing in self-improvement can yield significant returns. “Accountability and a keen sense of one’s career objectives can guide better decisions, leading to a more satisfying professional life,” Sandford says.

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