Busy office

Managing through busy times

Do you feel like you’re constantly under the pump managing your work load? Kate Kearins shares some valuable advice to help you through those busy peaks. When asked “How are

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Jo Shortland

Finding the energy to lead

Jo Shortland shares ten easy-to-apply practices to boost your energy for work, life, as well as work and leadership and life. Had it up to there? Running on empty? Leadership, often

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flexi work GettyImages-1338107361

Five Top Tips on Flexible Work

‘Flex specialist’ Gillian Brookes offers five tips to relieve leaders’ hybrid headaches and flex frustrations. Are you tired of flex? Do you wish we could move on, go back to

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Managing up copy

How to manage upwards

Managing up is not about blindsiding, ignoring or sidestepping your manager to seek higher Counsel. Nor is it about sucking up, demanding attention, or doing the work of a poorly

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Who is minding the gap?

The gender pay gap is alive and well in 2022. By Cathy Parker I am writing this on International Women’s Day (IWD) after watching a stimulating webcast from Global Women

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Embracing a culture of care

Public Trust is a self-funded autonomous Crown Entity employing more than 400 people and, as an essential service, it has continued to deliver its services during various alert level settings

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Cultivating curiosity helps retain talent

New Zealand companies that foster a more curious culture experience major competitive benefits, including higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement, according to recent research by SAP. Capitalising on Curiosity, a

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Managing supply chain restrictions

  With container ship supply to New Zealand at historic lows and freight prices skyrocketing, business leaders need to consider whether their pre-Covid supply chain is appropriate for the changing

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Looking at Pay Transparency

Strategic Pay recently asked a range of New Zealand organisations how transparent they were with their employees about pay. Nearly three quarters said their employees have some access to pay

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mgt art 3

How to ensure you rebound

It’s time for leaders to excel.  Tony Smale, of Forté Management, asks what leaders’ rebound strategies are and explains why being in a position to rebound once this is all over is so important.

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mgt art 2

Leading your virtual team

If your employees are some of the many thousands of workers who have made the transition to working from home, it pays to be aware that it isn’t always smooth

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Live well, work hard

Fiona Clark shares some useful strategies for hard-working business owners who’re struggling to juggle their business and family responsibilities. Running a business is not a perfect work-life balance scenario, where everything

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Virtue Signalling

If you want to practice good corporate social responsibility then you need to ensure that there is nothing you still do in your business that is, in fact, the antithesis

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Governing in a VUCA environment

How does a board govern in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment? By Cathy Parker. VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – was a term coined by the

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What is your personal brand?

If we want to take control of our career moving forward, having a clear vision around the type of brand we want to be known for is crucial, writes Alisa Bartholomew.

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art 5

The personal nature of leadership

One of John McGill’s favourite ways of explaining the personal nature of leadership is by referring to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. Inscribed in the forecourt is the phrase, ‘Know thyself’. 

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Taxi cropped - SUPPLIED

Health & Safety

As an employer, have you considered your responsibilities to staff when they travel by taxi, not only during the day, but also when working after hours?

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The long road to green

No longer the stuff of futuristic fiction, electric vehicles and hybrids are an accepted part of the motoring scene across the globe; plugin, charge up and drive away. 

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Supporting a brave culture

We need to encourage acts of bravery so that if change is initiated and success isn’t achieved straight away – it isn’t a failure. It’s simply a step in the direction of improving and ultimately obtaining fresh and innovative results. By Fiona Hewitt.

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The power of change

The need to constantly adapt could become a natural part of our everyday world, giving us not only the capability to understand and to cope, but the willingness and openness to evolve as well.

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Breaking the badness

For any organisation, workplace bullying leads to less organisational commitment, demotivation, job dissatisfaction and higher levels of absenteeism and resignations. 

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Management unplugged

In today’s always-on world it’s important technology is managed effectively to ensure that its benefits aren’t outweighed by increased stress levels and the idea that you need to be “always on”. Both employers and employees have a responsibility to set some boundaries, writes Patricia Moore.

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Gender benders

Despite the plethora of evidence confirming the positive impact women have on organisational performance when they occupy senior executive roles and sit on boards of directors, gender diversity still struggles for traction at leadership levels.  

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Now here’s a 20/20 insight into management’s changing world, or the changing world generally for that matter. 

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Survive v Thrive

Management reluctance to move on from survival mode strategies is stalling global growth, according to global consultancy CEB. Its research suggests that just six percent of the world’s business enterprises

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