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What’s the key to AI readiness?

While small AI implementations are possible with the right tech and security settings, technology can’t govern itself (nor should it), writes Microsoft’s Sarah Carney. We’re just approaching a year since

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Jason Morris

How technology unlocks inclusivity

Jason Morris explains why it’s important to choose business technology that easily embeds culture and language into your processes. The expectations of organisations to be good social citizens is growing

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Top four tips to stay secure

The changing landscape of cyber threats means that the reliance on awareness, training and detection methods alone have proven inadequate, says Chad Thunberg. The introduction of phishing-as-a-service and other sophisticated

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AI cybersecurity

The role of AI in cybersecurity

AI solutions for enhancing an organisation’s cybersecurity are there, and they’re getting better all the time. Chris Fisher says it’s just understanding what they are and how they can be

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What your business Can do for Nature

Growing a sustainable digital future

New Zealand’s economic future must rest with sustainable, high-value tech jobs producing goods and services with a much-reduced carbon footprint, writes Graeme Muller.   Hi-tech and digital technologies can help

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A more inclusive tech sector

Work is underway to introduce new pathways into tech careers but they all rely on companies willing to get involved and take on apprentices or graduate interns. By Graeme Muller.

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Chatbots on the rise

Chatbots, or business virtual customer relations staff, are now taking over much of New Zealand big business, AI Forum NZ executive director Madeline Newman says. She says that the banks,

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Protect your organisation from fraud

Fraud and privacy breaches are on the rise. IDUX is a powerful digital identity ecosystem utilising the latest technology to increase digital trust for your people, and beef up your organisation’s digital security.

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Up in the cloud

New Zealand is becoming more attractive as a base for cloud computing, attracting data centre investments from the world’s largest technology firms, writes Graeme Muller. Amazon Web Services has announced

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Top 10 emerging technologies to watch

The World Economic Forum has released its annual list of breakthrough technologies with the most significant potential to impact the world positively. From climate change to public health, technology will

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The digital dividend from SaaS

If economic modelling developed in Australia, around digital transformation, holds true for this country too we’re looking at a $35 billion a year opportunity for Aotearoa, writes John Mazenier. Recently,

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Digital skills critical

Global analysis has found that the way governments respond to digitalisation during these Covid years will define the progress of their nation for years to come, says Graeme Muller. New

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AI in the health sector

Artificial intelligence is becoming more commonplace in New Zealand’s health sector, but there is still some way to go for the sector to fully embrace the available technology, says Ryl

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How will AI change work?

A new report pays particular attention to the way AI will change hiring, monitoring, and the managing of staff. By Annie Gray. A University of Otago report looking at the

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Building trustworthy AI

The AI Forum of New Zealand has recently published a set of guiding principles to help build public trust in the development and use of artificial intelligence across New Zealand.

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Who goes there?

Facial recognition technology is here. But as with many fast-moving technological developments, the law has not always kept up with the pace of change, which leads to varying approaches taken

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Facing up to aggressive cybersecurity attacks

Although the frequency of a cybersecurity attack on a large scale is low, by 2018, 40 percent of large enterprises will have formal plans to address aggressive cybersecurity business disruption attacks, up from zero percent in 2015, according to a research and advisory firm, Gartner, Inc. 

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