September 25, 2002

Bookcase: Wagging the Dog

The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR By: Al Ries & Laura Ries Publisher: Harper Business Price: $67.50 As publisher who depends on advertising revenue to fund the

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Economics: A Weighty Anchor

As part of the analysis and forecasting necessary for preparing the Government’s Budget each year, economists at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry prepare set of forecasts and projections for

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Politics: Reinventing Helen

Tariana Turia is person to watch as Helen Clark gets down to managing her second term. Turia is the living embodiment of whanaungatanga, which comes fraught with complications for society

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Tech Nous: Power Napping

Next time you buy an office chair, check to see if there is “snooze” button! If there isn’t one you could miss out on growing European trend in the workplace

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