November 26, 2002

Beware Reorganisation – But if You Must, Here’s a Checklist

A major enterprise reorganisation is as complex as laying a new runway at Heathrow airport, while keeping the planes landing and taking off. The steps, the consultation and the dynamics are just as difficult. How is it then, that managers don’t fully understand the costs and ramifications of a reorganisation and why are they so addicted to them?

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Editorial: The Best of Top 200

Twenty years ago Management magazine compiled its first list of New Zealand’s top trading enterprises. It was only Top 100 then. The detail and analysis provided was pretty thin compared

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Leader, Chair and Corporate Strategy

Designworks Visionary Leader winner Graeme Dingle Graeme Dingle has many outstanding personal qualities but uppermost among them is his resolute determination. He accepts the setbacks and challenges life presents and

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Rosemary Howard – The Egalitarian Australian

TelstraClear boss Rosemary Howard expressed her egalitarian approach to management by replacing “mahogany row” with open-plan s eating. But what shapes Howard’s management thinking and why does Telecom hang up when she starts talking about her vision of the telco industry’s future?

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