February 2, 2003

Bookcase: Acronym for an Elephant

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? By: Louis V Gerstner Jr Publisher: Harper Business, Harper Collins Publishers Price: $39.95 Negative versions of the IBM acronym abound including “Inferior But Marketable”, created

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UPfront: Pain in the Profits

If illness-related absenteeism was line item on company’s profit and loss statement, the cost would probably exceed 15 percent of the profit, according to study by Southern Cross Health Works

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UPfront: Seven Steps to Reform

New Zealand needs more skilled, competent and innovative managers to improve the nation’s economic performance and its social well-being. And at the end of last year the New Zealand Institute

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UPfront: The big job turnoff

According to researcher Gallup Organisation, quarter of million Kiwis report to work but don’t switch on to their jobs. And these “actively disengaged” employees cost the New Zealand economy around

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