March 1, 2003

Backup: All You Need Is…

That New Zealand should identify and nurture its leaders goes with-out saying. Up for debate are the questions of who and how. Take last month for example. Two very different

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Cover Story: Fraud and Greed – And the dark side of management

Fraud and personal greed milk millions from corporate profits every year. Theft in all its many and various forms is the world’s fastest growing industry. Much of it goes unreported – and it is expanding both in scope and sophistication. Why? And is there a link between the excesses of directors, managers and leaders at the top and the corporate crime wave?

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Strategy: Balanced Scorecard – Why it isn’t working

“After spending more than a year at it, the balanced scorecard was dropped like a hot potato,” wrote one critic on the Amazon book website. “It is virtually incomprehensible to staff, encourages the worst kind of navel gazing… Even the paid consultants couldn’t explain it in terms the average legislator could understand. This is really bad stuff.” Not so, chimed another: “The balanced scorecard is the beginning of the practical period of maturity in the field of business strategy.” Who’s right? Why? And does it really matter?

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Why and how to teach better decision making

New Zealand’s competitive advantage is compromised by low productivity. But it seems our managers, don’t learn well from their experiences. In this, the third of three articles on experiential learning, Arnold Kransdorff suggests decision making should become a dedicated subject in business education and management training.

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