May 24, 2004

LEADERSHIP Warren Bennis – On the plight of today’s CEO

Think leadership and the name Warren Bennis is pretty much top of mind for most students of the topic. His seminal work on the subject, Leaders (Harper and Row 1985), was recently selected by the Financial Times as one of the top 50 business books of all time. He talked to Des Dearlove for Management magazine about his latest thinking on leadership and the plight of the modern CEO.

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MBAs Do MBAs Still Rate? – What employers and recruiters think

Has the MBA lost its clout in the employment marketplace or is it still judged a pre-eminent indicator of future business high fliers? According to a sample of New Zealand employers and headhunters, the degree is no career ‘silver bullet’ and its perceived value depends largely on the individual qualities and experience of the candidate.

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