March 31, 2008

COVER STORY : Giving Business a Kiwi Spin – World Famous in New Zealand

As more and more New Zealand companies can trace their parentage to foreign shores, Ellen Read takes a look at what it takes to run a Kiwi company with foreign ownership – the challenges and the rewards. It takes careful communication, regular contact and proven success according to the New Zealanders leading local businesses for global companies.

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HUMAN RESOURCES : Fun at Work – Fad or Serious Business?

‘Work’ and ‘fun’ may not be words traditionally uttered in the same breath. However, recent research suggests that ‘fun’ is exactly what today’s employees want. Given New Zealand’s tight labour market, it would seem worthwhile to investigate whether a driver like ‘fun’ is a mere fad, or something that could have serious implications for retaining and attracting talented staff.

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