How to cultivate a positive, energised workplace

Forward-thinking business owners and leaders now have a must-read roadmap to help them create true workplace wellbeing and see their people thrive.

Thriving Leaders, Thriving Teams by award-winning wellness specialist and TEDx speaker Lauren Parsons is a book that’s especially useful for the times we live in.

It’s no secret that burnout, poor health and mental distress are on the rise around the world. There is genuine suffering in the workplace, and particularly so here in New Zealand, and the ongoing talent shortage makes it increasingly important for businesses and workplaces to be desirable employers, in order to attract and keep great people.

In 2023 not enough leaders understand the fundamental skills required to foster true workplace wellbeing in the workplace, and many organisations, often inadvertently, treat people as ‘assets’ or ‘resources’ to be used rather than as human beings to be nurtured, motivated and celebrated, explains Parsons.

She believes that regardless of a leadership title or not, anyone can make a difference and set an example for others to follow. “I’ve spent decades helping leaders and teams discover the incredible benefits that flow on from prioritising your health and happiness. We spend so much of our lives at work. It’s a critical part of the fabric of society.”

Part One of Thriving Leaders, Thriving Teams presents valuable Live Well Principles on how to thrive personally – both in and out of work.

Part Two has facts, stats and stories on why workplace wellbeing is worth the time and effort; and the book finishes with a 6-part model on how to cultivate a thriving team culture. It explains leadership tools and tactics to help create an optimal work environment.

“I feel incredibly privileged to have helped hundreds of leaders and workplaces take a human-centred approach to their organisations,” says Parsons.

“I’ve seen them adopt my snack on exercise philosophy; embrace brave boundaries; create inspiring, connected meetings; build psychological safety, trust and belonging; start working in-sync; embed a culture of appreciation; boost energy and effectiveness, and many more positive things – completely transforming their workplace culture.”


Lauren Parsons was recently named both ‘Keynote Speaker of the Year’ and ‘Educator of the Year’ at the Professional Speakers Association National Awards.

To purchase a copy of ‘Thriving Leaders, Thriving Teams’, go to is external)


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