New business directory launches to connect circular economy solutions

Organisations will be able to find innovative products and services with a new online business-to-business Circular Economy Directory, which has just been launched.

A statement from the Sustainable Business Network says that as a first of its kind, the Circular Economy Directory will assist businesses to transition to a circular economy model where products and materials are designed to reduce waste and carbon emissions by keeping existing products in circulation for longer.

Businesses looking to do the right thing can find suppliers that have listed their products and services. Categories include reducing carbon, sharing and trading existing resources, and extending the lifespan, and can easily be found through the search function.

Sustainable Business Network, through a public-private partnership, has created the directory to help businesses transition from a linear to a circular economy at greater speed and scale. 

James Griffin, general manager projects and advisory at SBN, says the new Circular Economy Directory will be a valuable resource.

 “Businesses haven’t known who can help them or where to find them so we have created a one-stop-shop to provide access to what they need.”

 The statement adds that innovative upcycling social enterprise Critical is looking to partner with businesses that have upcoming building fit-out projects to find new life for plastic waste. Like the nearly 9,000 plastic milk bottles that were used to build Kōkako Organic Coffee Roasters’ newest coffee shop.

Critical chief executive Rui Peng says the company understands that businesses have problems with plastics and zero waste commitments that aren’t easy to solve.

“Not only that, they want durable products while being able to tell a great story to their customers. We hope to not only solve those issues but to also solve one of the biggest pollution crises of our generation. The directory provides a much-needed conduit to businesses looking for innovative ways to reuse existing materials as well as other circular economy practices.”

 Griffin cautions that pressure from government regulations and customers means change is coming and urges businesses to take action now.

“The Circular Economy Directory exists to easily find solutions to solve the issues we face now.  It provides access to innovative products and services that contribute to regenerating our world rather than degrading it,” says Griffin.

The directory has been possible due to the support of SBN’s partners at the Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Waste Management, Auckland Council and Āmiomio Aotearoa.

View the directory here:

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