September 24, 2002

UPfront: Of wine and wetlands

What does an Australian winemaker have to do with protecting New Zealand wetlands? Surprisingly, quite lot. As part of its “good citizen” market cred, Banrock Station Wines has committed to

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Letters: CPI Error

Bob Edlin’s comments on the CPI in your August edition are incorrect. Statistics New Zealand does systematically adjust price changes to take account of improvements or reductions in the quality

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Colin James (Management, August 2002) charts bright future for party that learns to respect the young electorate’s suspicion of centralisation, and its demand for diversity and customised social services. Then

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Business Excellence Awards – The public sector drive to become world class

Six New Zealand organisations stepped up to the plate again this year to measure themselves against a tough international management performance standard. In doing so they differentiated themselves from the pack of mediocrity that comprises the bulk of New Zealand enterprise. They were entrants in this year’s round of the New Zealand Business Excellence Awards and they want to be “world class”. Why?

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