September 28, 2003

Economics Gender Tender

Telecom chief executive Theresa Gattung was headlined “the $2 million woman”, when newspapers reported her restructured pay package and the potential it created for her to earn more than $2

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Opinion Leaders An Excellent Journey

Perception is often mistaken for reality and the perceptions of ‘business excellence’ as concept are many, varied and often confused. Having just completed my first 12 months as chief executive

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The Management Interview Adrian Slywotzky: On Growing in Tough Times

Author and business consultant Adrian Slywotzky comes from the hardheaded, bottom-line school of strategy. He focuses on helping companies maximise their performance. His latest book (written with Richard Wise) is How to Grow When Markets Don’t. It is Slywotzky’s response to the world’s sea change in economic fortunes. In it he examines the new realities of growing a business in a business world where growth has largely ground to a halt. He talks to Stuart Crainer for Management in his New York office.

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Workplace wordplay

This month’s relevant workplace neologism from bozo explosion: noun. The large number of inept employees that company ends up with when it hires an incompetent executive, who in turn

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