October 2, 2006

TEAMWORK Harold Resnick – How to tap into top potential

During his 30 years in organisational development and training, Harold Resnick has earned international recognition as a leading authority and innovator in organisational transformation and leadership development. He talks here about why today’s global competitive environment rewards companies where senior executives adopt the philosophy of team-based top management.

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PROFILE Mr SustainAbility – John Elkington peddles his case

Most days John Elkington cycles to work at his central city London office. The man who coined terms like “green consumer” and “triple bottom line” is not, however, an impractical environmentalist or idealistic social engineer. After more than 30 years at the head of SustainAbility he still believes business can and must deliver the answers to the world’s pressing environmental and social problems.

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COVER STORY : Emission Impossible? – How to put the heat on climate change

Climate change, like it or not, is coming to a coastline near you – or an emissions trading market. No longer a matter for debate, it is now seen by many New Zealand business decision makers as an urgent problem. But are we doing enough – at either Government, business or community level? And how do we curb our carbon without stifling economic growth?

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COVER STORY : 35 BELOW – Young leaders to watch

These 17 young leaders are just the tip of an iceberg of talent. They, and others like them, will shape our country’s future. They front up. Dig in. Speak out. Give back. They see the future and go make it happen. They challenge assumptions and galvanise change. Their vision ripples out into their communities.

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