March 16, 2011

Directors’ pay gap widens with Australia

The pay gap between New Zealand directors’ fees and those paid to boards of Australian businesses with similar revenue has blown out from 50%-100% to 250%-400% over the past three years, says corporate remuneration specialist Moyle Consulting.

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Global CEO survey

CEOs’ three focal points to drive strategic change internationally are innovation, talent and a shared agenda with government, PwC’s 14th annual leadership survey has found.

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Increase in female senior managers in NZ

While globally the proportion of women who hold senior management positions has dropped from 24% to 20% in the last two years, in New Zealand it has risen from 27% to 32%, according to research from Grant Thornton International.

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Let’s shovel our way out of the bog

It sounds almost like alchemy – we just dig our way out of economic trouble (and keep digging). This was the one big idea promoted by ACT leader Rodney Hide to the ACT 2011 annual conference, Executive Update’s economics correspondent Bob Edlin reports. ACT would push hard in favour of jobs, not borrow and hope, said Rodney. “We need to start mining, start drilling, start digging.”

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Special KEA issue of NZ Management magazine

As part of NZ Management’s magazine’s collaboration with KEA, the April issue will showcase the KEA World Class New Zealand Award Winners 2011 and will be sent electronically as an e-magazine to KEA’s global network – connecting with more than 25,000 talented Kiwis and ‘friends of New Zealand’ around the world. The ‘e-mag’ will introduce some interesting interactive options for advertisers.

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The world’s most ethical businesses

Despite New Zealand’s reputation as being one of the least corrupt and most ethical places in the world in which to do business, none of our home-grown business organisations appear on the latest list of the world’s most ethical companies.

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