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New Zealand has been world leader in terms of internet adoption, but it seems that our take up of broadband technology has been somewhat slow compared to our Asian Pacific neighbours. Cisco System’s New Zealand country manager Tim Hemingway has been heavily promoting the advantages of wireless broadband usage to future proof New Zealand business and make it “a real force in today’s highly competitive global marketplace”.
“The internet has emerged as revolutionary force in our lives, redefining the way we work, live, play and learn,” he says. “But to get real value out of this phenomenon we need to embrace ‘Always On’ high-speed internet access at all times.”
Telecom has recently introduced measures to encourage home broadband internet use. Its latest JetStream package is very attractive to home-based workers like myself who want to use the phone when other family members are surfing the net. It also eliminates much of the time wasted waiting for email files to download.
It seems to me that the only way the internet is to grow from where it is – is by increasing the width of the pipes, and eliminating the bottlenecks. The sooner that happens, the better for everyone.
Glenn Baker | Email: [email protected]

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