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A focus on culture

Rabobank’s 520-plus New Zealand employees work from 27 locations – places like Ashburton, Pukekohe and Feilding and from a purpose-built head office in Hamilton. Its employees are proud of the

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New NZ CEO and COO at FNZ

Global wealth management platform, FNZ, has appointed Jeremy Graham as Chief Executive Officer of New Zealand, and Aroha Steele as the country’s Chief Operating Officer.  The company says in a

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Leadership tips for 2024

Leadership tips for 2024

If you are contemplating your next career move during the Christmas and summer hiatus, Shannon Barlow offers 24 tips for career development and leadership growth in 2024. 1. Building trust: Prioritise

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The MBM gets a refresh

The AUT Master of Business Management of Programme’s emphasis on practical application and experiential learning is a popular addition to the postgraduate landscape. The Master of Business Management (MBM) is

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Future-focused executive education

Kiwi business professionals have no shortage of educational programmes and short courses to choose from to improve their performance and potential.  NZBusiness checked out the menu offered by one of

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Uni of Waikato

MBA guide

Unlock your potential to become an exceptional leader with the University of Waikato’s life-changing MBA programme. Location: Hamilton campus. The next Tauranga intake will be in March 2025. Website:

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What’s the key to AI readiness?

While small AI implementations are possible with the right tech and security settings, technology can’t govern itself (nor should it), writes Microsoft’s Sarah Carney. We’re just approaching a year since

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More sick days, more problems?

A new survey has revealed the challenges of increased sick leave for businesses in New Zealand. New Zealand’s increased sick leave entitlements are giving businesses new issues to balance, with

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Busy office

Managing through busy times

Do you feel like you’re constantly under the pump managing your work load? Kate Kearins shares some valuable advice to help you through those busy peaks. When asked “How are

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Managing mid-winter malaise

Managing mid-winter malaise

Kate Kearins offers six ideas on how leaders can help beat that mid-winter feeling of ‘blah’ in the workplace. It’s hard to admit but we all know the feeling: work

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Managing up copy

How to manage upwards

Managing up is not about blindsiding, ignoring or sidestepping your manager to seek higher Counsel. Nor is it about sucking up, demanding attention, or doing the work of a poorly

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What your business Can do for Nature

Growing a sustainable digital future

New Zealand’s economic future must rest with sustainable, high-value tech jobs producing goods and services with a much-reduced carbon footprint, writes Graeme Muller.   Hi-tech and digital technologies can help

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Making sustainable practices work

The challenge of decarbonising is one that requires concerted action – from the collective top tier through government policy and regulatory change, to organisations rethinking and redesigning ways of working,

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Management November 2022

  Modern Slavery: Why your organisation needs to address the issue How a Zero Trust approach protects your people and your data How security technology can make hybrid work more

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Making work from home… workable

Kate Kearins delves into how leaders can support colleagues to approach their work from home days more effectively. Before the pandemic, work-from-home was largely considered either an ideal or an

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A more inclusive tech sector

Work is underway to introduce new pathways into tech careers but they all rely on companies willing to get involved and take on apprentices or graduate interns. By Graeme Muller.

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A new tomorrow for geoscience technology

The world faces a series of seemly intractable mega challenges – transition energy, climate, societal expectations of sustainability, mobility, infrastructure, resource scarcity, to name a few. And there are geoscientists

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Wage pressure is taking off

While wage inflation and CPI do not directly correlate, the massive jump in cost of living, coupled with low unemployment, has resulted in the biggest change in salary movement at general

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Management August 2022

A new tomorrow for geoscience technology Understanding the weight on security leaders’ shoulders The value of virtue: Why Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s crisis leadership has been so effective The future of work requires

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Who is minding the gap?

The gender pay gap is alive and well in 2022. By Cathy Parker I am writing this on International Women’s Day (IWD) after watching a stimulating webcast from Global Women

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Embracing a culture of care

Public Trust is a self-funded autonomous Crown Entity employing more than 400 people and, as an essential service, it has continued to deliver its services during various alert level settings

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Cultivating curiosity helps retain talent

New Zealand companies that foster a more curious culture experience major competitive benefits, including higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement, according to recent research by SAP. Capitalising on Curiosity, a

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Mind the migrant pay gap

Workplaces need to address the bias and barriers to equality faced by migrants in New Zealand. By Maretha Smit. If you were an engineer working in New Zealand in 2018,

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Chronicles of a waste engineer

While change can take many forms, it doesn’t have to be a “big-ticket” item to make a real difference to performance. It is more important to make the improvements manageable

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