Anti-bullying policies fail

 Eleven percent of people bullied transferred to another role but, as the WBI’s director Dr Gary Namie says, “even transfer is negative result”.

The same survey shows that just six percent of bullies were punished for their actions and only five percent were fired.

The WBI says last year only five percent of organisations surveyed had adequate bullying-related policies and procedures in place. “The majority had nothing. third had useless policies.”

What’s more, as New Zealand’s EEO Trust points out, the bullying is often so horrific for the person being targetted that their health goes downhill, their personal life suffers and they are then ostracised.

“It is clear that abusive conduct is rampant, present in epidemic numbers,” says Namie. “It is ‘silent epidemic’ because it is still predominantly an ‘undiscussable topic’ with employers and on contract negotiating teams.”

The EEO Trust is urging business leaders to ensure their organisation is not included in the 95 percent of organisations with ineffective anti-bullying policies. “It’s unfair for your business and the people you employ,” they say.

The EEO Trust recently ran workshop for managers and team leaders on ways to manage workplace bullying and harassment.

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