Big data – transforming business

“Big Data is about much more than data and is already transforming the way businesses are run. It represents new way of doing business – one that is driven by data-based decision-making and new types of products and services enriched with data.”

This from PWC’s US website where you can find useful introductions for Big Data novices plus deeper insights:

• The ability to extract meaningful insights from large data sets is becoming source of competitive advantage.

• It doesn’t require major investment, large block of time, or an army of data wizards to begin exploring Big Data.

“The concept of Big Data is not new. What is new are the massive volumes of enterprise-generated and third party data now available and the emergence of sophisticated tools to organise, manage and analyse the data. By applying analysis of Big Data to pressing business issues, companies are reshaping their operations – and accelerating their business results.”

Search on for ‘big data’ also and you’ll find raft of resources.

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