BOOKCASE : About the reviewers

• Reg Birchfield is Management magazine’s publisher and can’t resist reviewing some of the books that land on the editor’s desk.

• Jonathan Dodd is based at market research company Research Solutions. Archived commentary, book reviews and contact details at

• Tom Frewen is Wellington-based journalist who once lived in Washington.

• Virginia Goldblatt is senior lecturer in dispute resolution in the Graduate School of Business at Massey University and has been practising as professional mediator since 1994.

• Masterton-based writer and publisher Ian F Grant writes the occasional review as relatively light relief from much longer-term projects like the history of newspapers in New Zealand from woe to go. It will be, when finally published, his 14th book.

• Vicki Jayne is associate editor of Management and long-aspiring member of the social intelligentsia.

• Ruth Le Pla, Management magazine’s editor, lived in Taiwan for 18 months where she learnt to speak peculiarly English-sounding form of Mandarin.

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