In Box: Tongue in cheek-y?

It warms the cockles to see Northland cruise operator Fullers investing in research to discover that stressed-out Auckland workers would like Friday afternoons off to get headstart in the northbound traffic.
Fullers Great Sights Bay of Islands and Mango Communications announced the Bay of Islands Freedom Friday campaign last month, “designed to reignite New Zealanders’ love affair with the Bay of Islands and increase visitor numbers to the region”.
‘Research’ on workplace productivity patterns was conducted by Perceptive Research and delivered the astonishing results that, quote “not unsurprisingly 83 percent of workers surveyed believed that finishing work early on Friday would decrease stress levels and increase workplace morale”. The only surprise here is that it’s 83 percent and not closer to 100.
“Research findings confirm that 70 percent of workers admit to being most easily distracted by non-work activities on Friday afternoon. Fifty-one percent also owned up to giving priority to their social arrangements over work tasks on Friday afternoon.”
The release continues: “The Bay of Islands Freedom Friday Campaign aims to remind stressed out Aucklanders that the winterless north could be just the anecdote for busy Auckland working week and it’s as easy as jumping into their cars on Friday afternoon.” Who knows – it might also prove an antidote to summertime office-bound blues.
Charles Parker, general manager, Fullers Great Sights Bay of Islands, says, “This research confirms that two thirds of Aucklanders would be more likely to get out of the city for the weekend if they finished worked early on Friday and number of those have the Bay of Islands in their sights.”
NZ Management applauds the tourism operator’s initiative in flat economy that makes it hard for all businesses to maintain margins and staff morale at the same time. But savvy bosses won’t need that same operator to tell them what’s good for staff morale on humid Auckland Friday afternoon in late summer.
Here’s another idea Fullers Great Sights: how about special offer for stressed out bosses and their staff as part of your promotion? M

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