In Box: Waikato Uni courts business sector

The University of Waikato Management School has created an executive in residence role to engage more with the business sector in areas of growing importance for the region. Former Hamilton International Airport CEO Chris Doak has been appointed to the new position.
“The executive in residence by name and by nature has goal of facilitating greater engagement with the business sector, and in particular seeks to provide resource for the development of strategy in supply chain management, transportation, and logistics,” said Management School dean, professor Frank Scrimgeour.
“Given the importance of the greater Waikato region’s freight flows, the significance of proposed inland freight and logistics hubs, and Government target to double export income by 2025, the commencement of strategy around the further development of supply chain management, transportation, and logistics service centre of excellence made long-term sense for growing sector, the region, and the university,” he said.
The university had identified potential structures for service centre of excellence that included involvement of industry and other learning facilities both in New Zealand and overseas.
Chris Doak said that it was exciting to be offered such role within the university and hoped his experience in the business sector would help in developing partnerships for the centre of excellence. He suggested that collaboration between the university and industry could assist with research funding and applied learning outcomes on real industry projects of importance.
As part of his role Doak will be lecturing stage two students in supply chain management and logistics, and assisting with research outcomes associated with the Institute of Business Research, headed by associate professor Stuart Locke.
The appointment is for six-month contract period. M

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