Breaking and Entering

We’ve all been guilty of it. Standing around at function with someone you want to disengage yourself from, but not finding it an easy thing to do. Etiquette specialists say it’s throwback to being told by our parents that it was rude. Now they’re exhorting guests to go forth and circulate, and indeed, spend no more than eight to 10 minutes with any one person. After all, they say, you’ve been invited to mix and mingle with other people. To circulate with colleagues and potential clients and network as much as possible.

Moving on
When you get the hankering to move on, it only takes those two words “excuse me” or “Excuse me – it’s been lovely talking to you” or if it wasn’t lovely – use interesting. good time to do this, is when you’ve just finished comment. But remember, if you say you’re off to get another drink, it’s bit obvious if the other person’s glass is empty.

Including or intruding
On the other hand, if you’re by yourself and want to join group, remember there’s difference between including yourself in other people’s conversation and intruding on them. Getting into conversation that’s already under way requires dose of courage, but also sensitivity. The experts suggest you watch people’s body language and listen to the tone of their conversation for clues. Their tips for including without intruding:
? Don’t approach two people who look as though they’re having an intense conversation.
? Approach groups of three or more. Position yourself close to the group. Give only facial feedback to the comments being made. When you feel yourself included, either by verbal acknowledgement or eye contact, you are free to join in the conversation.
? Likewise, be open to others who ?want in’. When you see some one on the periphery of your conversational group, remember how uncomfortable you feel in that situation.

Apparently these should be on your right-hand side. This is because when you extend your right hand for handshake, the line of sight is to the other person’s right side. If the nametag’s on the left side, you’ll be making an obvious glance towards the left side and get caught.

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