Britain’s new leader acts decisively

He has sped up the pace of reform (code for cuts) with the most sweeping move so far – putting an end to universal access to child benefit payments.This has made him very unpopular in some quarters and has his political opponents pointing the finger at the Chancellor who, in the election run-up had specifically promised not to touch this benefit.Cameron has broad support for his austerity measures given the dire state of the UK economy.  Many may not like the cuts but agree that they are necessary. Upper income earners generally accept the need to reduce child benefit spending. However, the anomaly of dual lower income earners (under £44k each) still getting the benefit whereas single income household of £45k loses it is rankling with those seen to be unfairly hit –especially with Cameron pushing the point that, while there is the need for austerity measures, they will be “fair”.

However, Cameron does not seemly overly concerned about winning popularity contest. While the issues he has to deal with are on much larger scale than those our economy faces, the impression is that the UK PM, still only five months into his reign, has stamped his mark with the sort of courage and conviction that we could do with more of from our government.

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