Kea Global Network’s
World Class New Zealand Awards

Kea global ceo Dr Sue Watson: Connecting Kiwis 24
The humble knight: Sir Don McKinnon ONZ GCVO 26
Newspaper man… Anchor in crisis: Andrew Holden28
Reclaiming nation’s pride: Rob Fyfe30
A Kiwi renaissance – ‘This is our time’: Geraldine McBride31
Kiwi problem-solving genius: Dr Doug Cleverly32Cooking up global business: Annabel Langbein33
Laid back at light speed: Bill Buckley CNZM34
Science turns trash to treasure: Dr Sean Simpson35
Global corporate game-changer: Judith Hanratty CVO OBE36

9JANE HUNTER – Manufacturing, Design & Innovation 2009
10TONY FALKENSTEIN – New Thinking 2012
11KAREN WALKER – Creative 2009
12DAME ANNE SALMOND – Science, Technology
& Academia 2011
13PHILLIP MILLS – New Thinking 2009
14IAN TAYLOR – Creative 2012
15SIR PAUL CALLAGHAN – Supreme 2012

38 The specialist winegrowers of New Zealand
An independent alliance representing rare and exceptional wines from small group of artisan producers, each committed to upholding the highest standards of sustainable viticulture and winemaking.

46 Whale of time
Formed in 1987, Whale Watch is multiple award winning nature tourism company owned and operated by the indigenous Kati Kuri people of Kaikoura, Maori sub-tribe of the South Island’s larger Ngai Tahu tribe.

51 Black, white and red: NZ artists engaging the world
Keith Stewart catches up with expat artist Max Gimblett on one of his regular returns home to the New Zealand he is “in love with”.

54 Taming the wild: farmed venison
New Zealand broke new ground with the first newly domesticated farm animal in 5000 years. We now have the largest and most advanced deer farming industry in the world.

58 Art history recorded: the spaces of artists
Waiheke artist Denis O’Connor’s multi-dimensional works reach out to collectors around the globe. He is currently engaged in major project – documentary on artists in their studio spaces.

16NZIM: Safe keeping starts at the top Reg Birchfield
18 POLITICS: It’s not easy being Green Colin James
20 ECONOMICS: Measuring our well-being Bob Edlin
63 MARKET INSIGHT: Engaging hearts over minds
Dick Brunton
64 EXECUTIVE REWARD: World-class pay in NZ
John McGill
65 EXECUTIVE HEALTH: In it for the long haul
Peter Tynan

67 NZIM’s Focus On Management
What are your top three issues?; Regional news; Training and development courses; Member comment from Jim Young.

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