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At the Crossroads

Is human resource management practice in New Zealand keeping pace with changes that are rapidly and radically altering its role in the workplace of the future? This special report explores the changes and their impact on the HR industry of tomorrow.
By Vicki Jayne


Banks Think Small, But Do They Understand SMEs?
The political imperative to create an environment in which small businesses can flourish seems to run slap bang into barriers thrown up by traditional banking models. But those barriers may be dropping – driven by the banking industry’s own need for growth and profits.
By Mark Story

How HR Adds Value
If you intend to cut back and marginalise HR make sure you have your next career move planned.
By David Parmenter

The Changing World of Job Recruitment and Selection
Once it was ‘Situation Vacant – Challenging Position – Good Prospects’, now it’s ‘Situation Vacant – Challenging Position – Future Uncertain’. Recruitment and selection processes traditionally designed to meet employer needs must now face the fact that today’s job seekers have their own agenda and are developing their own criteria for assessing job offers.
By Gordon Rabey

Top Gear: Why 2002 Was Vintage Year for Car Buyers
It’s been signal year in the New Zealand car market, more for what’s happening right now in the dying weeks of the year than for any earlier market activity.
By Peter Gill

Delivering Learning That Works
In today’s business environment, staff training and development is generally accepted as an investment in the future – both for companies and individuals. But managers must know how best to determine needs and to structure learning programmes that are relevant, strategically on target, challenging, and fun.
By Norma Hayward

2003 Business Training Guide

Tortoise or Hare? The Race for e-Business Readiness
New Zealand businesses are gradually adopting e-business processes and applications. But are we moving fast enough and what’s in our way?
By Vikki Bland

Jon Mayson – Leading with Heart and Soul
Even by today’s informal dress standards Port of Tauranga chief executive Jon Mayson comes across as casually informal. But make no mistake, this executive is classy and successful leader. Why?
By Reg Birchfield

A Bright Future
Projecting crisp, clean images onto screen in all kinds of light conditions calls for extremely sophisticated projection technology.

These articles and Management‘s regular columns and news stories are available in the November issue of the magazine.

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