CONTENTS : APRIL 2007 Vol 54 No 3

Cover Story Belief or bottom line? – Corporate Sponsorship
Is it just case of feeling good to give or is corporate sponsorship now more strategic business decision? Do companies use it to give their image cosmetic glow or does it reflect core business values? Philippa Stevenson explores the new take on corporate giving.

Environment Counting the Carbs – How big is your footprint?
Our major trading partners are setting up carbon trading regimes and global buying powerhouses discovering their carbon conscience. But are Kiwi companies preparing for carbon judgement day? Vicki Jayne reports

Face to Face John Hood – Engineering possibility
How did New Zealand engineer get to head what are arguably the most hallowed halls of British academia? Vicki Jayne talks to John Hood, vice chancellor of Oxford University and, in Stephen Tindall’s words, the embodiment of “all that is world class” in leadership.

Business Security Security SOS – How safe is your business?
In today’s webbed world, securing business information and intellectual property is more challenging than ever before. What approach are New Zealand managers taking towards data security? Are we proactive, reactive or simply inactive? by Vikki Bland

Managing People Staff who stick – Top tips for talent retention
What makes valued employees stay with an organisation when other opportunities beckon? And what triggers good people to jump ship? by Ruth Le Pla

Mobile Managers Smart but not yet seamless
Vikki Bland talks to users of the latest mobile technology and discovers it’s not always seamless – or secure. So what are the best options?

Conferences & Seminars Corporate events come of age
No longer an afterthought, just bit of entertainment for the troops or ‘thank you’ to key customers, conferences and events are increasingly an integral part of company’s marketing and branding strategy. What’s driving the changes? by Toni Myers

Human Resources Measuring Up – Beware the competency
When it comes to workplace competencies, what are human resources really talking about? More to the point, are organisations truly measuring what they say they are? by Duncan Jackson


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