CONTENTS : AUGUST 2007, Vol 5 No 2

COVER STORY : The Great Legal Takeover
Lawyers, once slightly awkward fit in companies, are taking on more responsibilities and assuming top corporate positions. And why not? They’re intelligent people adept at problem-solving and cut-through thinking. Some executives, though, have doubts, wondering whether it’s good for business. Nonetheless the march of the lawyers is unmistakably growing louder.

DIRECTOR REMUNERATION : The value of directors
The pay gap between New Zealand and Australian directors is narrowing, according to the latest Sheffield Director Remuneration Survey, but there is still long way to go and New Zealand’s lower rates may mean we risk missing out on attracting the best local talent.

GOVERNANCE & MANAGEMENT : Property in their blood – Understanding the boundaries
One’s lawyer, the other an accountant but both could be said to have property in their business blood. We talk to the chair and CEO of Strategic Finance.


EDITOR’S LETTER Chicken and Eggs
TABLED Learning from others’ mistakes
TABLED SOE Select – Picking public service directors
BOOK REVIEW The Strategy Paradox

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