CONTENTS : December 2009, Vol No

3 Editor’s Letter
7 In Touch: News; Focus
14 On the Move
15 Executive Development
24 Smart Company: Enztec – Out On Limb Vicki Jayne
30 NZIM: Hard Facts Of Soft Skills Management Kevin Vincent
Just Good Business
18 News
19 Sustainability: ETS Still Mystery – But NZ Public Wants Action Peter Neilson
20 Profile: Ricoh’s Green Decade Vicki Jayne
17 Thought Leader: Doing Nothing Is Not Okay Sherry Maier
22 Healthy Workstyles: Hectic Year, Holiday Break, Healthier Outlook… Peter Tynan
26 Bookcase Reg Birchfield, Vicki Jayne
28 Economics: Of Foolishness And Forecasts Bob Edlin
29 Politics: Re-writing The Political Dictionary Colin James
105 Corporate Governance: Springboard To Success For Young Directors Simon Telfer, Vicky Taylor
109 Management: Oh Dear, Where’s The OD? Dale Nelson
112 Consultation: Reaping What We Sow Kevin Vincent?

32 Cover Story
From Here To 2020
Five Top 200 winners’ predictions for NZ Inc
What are the really critical issues facing New Zealand’s next 10 years? What are the opportunities for and obstacles to growth? Can we catch up with Australia? On the 20th anniversary of the Deloitte/Management magazine Top 200 awards, five former
winners talked about the future
with Vicki Jayne.

39 The Big Hit
What Management’s 2009 Top 200 list reveals
The bigger they were the harder they fell in 2009. The largest of New Zealand’s Top 200 enterprises took the biggest hits from last year’s financial fiasco and this year’s ensuing aftershock of economic recession.
by Reg Birchfield.

93 0800 Chairman: Nick Gordon
Zintel Group chairman Nick Gordon swore he would never employ more than 20 people. Now his Australasian enterprise employs more than 250. He talks to Reg Birchfield about what has driven the sudden growth.
95 Focus On Management
NZIM looks back on tough but exciting year; Regional News; Member Comment – Karen Stevens.
102 Exec Indulgences: Spoil Yourself – It’s Been Tough Year
Things are, the pundits assure us, getting better. It’s time to live little and remember why you put in all that effort and those long work hours. And there’s no time like the present to do that.
106 Three By Three: Tech Companions
 Author  Copyright YES NO            Many business people swear by airport lounges, particularly if they have to work in transit and arrive fresh and ready for decisive action. However, with many companies contracting travel budgets, does it really make difference? Pauline Herbst rose to the challenge, testing airport lounges and some must-have tech travel companions.

TOP 200
42Deloitte/Management Magazine
Executive of the Year Rob Fyfe
43Deloitte/Management Magazine
Executive of the Decade Ralph Norris
45 Deloitte/Management magazine
Company of the Year Abano Healthcare Group
48 NZIM/Eagle Technology
Young Executive of the Year David Larsen
53 QBE Insurance Chairperson of the Year John Palmer
56 Kensington Swan Ethical Governance Award
NZ Aluminium Smelters
59 Marsh Most Improved Performance Award Delegat’s Group
61 Mediaweb Best Growth Strategy Ebos Group
64 Designworks Visionary Leader Michael Cullen
65 Judges
70 Top 200 Companies
84 Top 30 Financial Companies

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