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July 2009 • Vol 56 No 6

1Editor’s Letter
5In Touch: News;
Managers Abroad: Mark d’Arcy
14On the Move
15Executive Development
24NZIM: Looking Beyond The Headlights
Kevin Vincent
Just Good Business
17Profile: Printing Footprints – How To Shrink Them Vicki Jayne
19Sustainability: Climate Costs Are Coming – Is Your Business Prepared? Peter Neilson
20Politics: The Purpose Of Power Colin James
21Economics: Super Ball Back For More Kicking Bob Edlin
26Thought Leader: Why NZ Can Gain From Climate Change Action Geoff Ross
62Consultation: How Best To Pay For Performance? Kevin Gaunt
63Employment Law: When Receivers Come – Do Employee Rights Go?
Greg Cain and Rebecca Wilson
64Ten Top Tips: Embrace The Web
Julian Persaud

30 Cover Story
Smart Futures
Business On The Front Foot
Which companies are doing well despite the general economic gloom and why? NZ Management profiles some good news examples of businesses that embrace that old adage – that change brings opportunity. Seems there’s no shortage of either.
by Pauline Herbst and Vicki Jayne

36Rod Carr: From IT to VC
Rod Carr might be legally blind, but keeping up with the new vice chancellor of Canterbury University is challenge – both physically and intellectually. Why is he so at home in the factory of ideas? by Colleen Simpson
40In The Flow: Cutting Local Body Cost
Why do councils keep digging up the same roads? And why does it take so long to process simple building consent? One New Zealand local body is busy discovering the answers to such vexing questions.
44Kick-starting Creativity: The “Jolt” challenge
What is creativity? How do you inject it into the DNA of workplace culture in way that generates ongoing benefit? Answering those questions started journey that’s resulted in comprehensive self-management training programme. Vicki Jayne explains.
48Tide Turns In Tenants’ Favour: Rents Under Pressure
Marked changes in the dynamics of the property market have strengthened tenants’ bargaining powers. NZ Management surveyed the market’s analysts to find out what these changes mean for businesses.
52The Millennium Falcon Bid: New Hope
How will focused proposal help Skywalker Systems survive the recession? mythical case study by Chris Bray.
54Media Management: The Web Is Not All
Are newspapers being swept into oblivion by the internet? Ian Grant explains why the rumour of their imminent death has been greatly exaggerated.
56Beating The Tribal Drums: Co-opt Your Culture
There’s good reason why such large percentage of the workforce is disengaged. They lack the essential sense of belonging that humans need. The solution? Get Tribal! by Michael Henderson
58Managing In Volatile Times: Stealing The Right customers
Faris Azimullah leads enterprise risk services at Deloitte. In the last part of our “volatile times” series, he speaks with NZ Management about the importance of pricing and segmentation in the current economic climate.
60Exec Tech: Tools For Today’s Business
What’s crucial to multitasking in time-poor business world and updates itself exponentially? Technology. It’s hard to keep up, never mind get ahead of the curve. NZ Management has risen to the challenge, bringing you up to speed with what’s crucial, what’s useful and sometimes, what’s simply status enhancing. by Pauline Herbst

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