CONTENTS: Inside May 2009 • Vol 56 No 4

1Editor’s Letter
5In Touch: Comment On: Ethics and Communication; Comment On: Face Of The Future – Beware Grey 2K
20On the Move
21Executive Development
32NZIM: David Chapman Signs Off After 17 Years
Just Good Business
25Profile: Environmental Europlan
Vicki Jayne
27Sustainability: Grand Opportunity
Peter Neilson
23Thought Leader: We business
Sarah Trotman
28Economics: Spreading The Good Word
Bob Edlin
29Politics: Making Far-Apart Ends Meet
Colin James
30 Books
Reg Birchfield, Ellen Read
62Consultation: Measurement And Communication
Kevin Gaunt
63Employment Law: Nine-Day Working Fortnight – The New Alternative To Redundancy
Greg Cain and Amy Cunningham
64Ten Top Tips: Management Mistakes To Avoid In Recession
Megan Alexander

34 cover Story
High Tech, High Hopes:
Transforming New Zealand
High-tech companies turn ideas into high-value products – and they could turn New Zealand into more prosperous and lively place to live. So says Paul Callaghan, the country’s most distinguished physicist and newest business prophet. His Wool to Weta thesis is certainly turning heads in time of deepening recession.
by Martin Freeth

40Jens Madsen – Berth Controller
When you preside over company that occupies some 70 hectares of prime waterfront real estate in New Zealand’s biggest city, some negative attention is inevitable. Add the result of downturn that’s slashed Ports of Auckland profits and things could look grim – so why does managing director Jens Madsen describe his as “dream job”?
by Vicki Jayne
46From The Horse’s Mouth: Lead Horse To Water
Vicki Jayne discovers that standing in circle with horse can teach you some very interesting leadership skills.
48Managing In Volatile Times: Foundations
In the third instalment of Deloitte’s five-part series on how to ride out the recession, Matthew Hitch talks about the importance of making sure the foundations of your business are secure in an uncertain recessionary environment.
50Communicating With Staff: Crucial To The
Bottom Line
Good employee communications is good for the bottom line. And yet, employee communications is often one of the most difficult areas to get right.
by Amanda Woodbridge
55Don’t Mention The Recession: R-Proof Offices
A low key recession-proofing initiative which started as bit of fun for Wellington business Trilogy has gathered international attention and support. by Ellen Read
56Bonus Anyone? Incentive Programme Dilemmas
It is likely that your company’s current bonus programme is now hopelessly unachievable, indeed irrelevant in the present circumstances. So what do you do about bonuses for this year? And what do you do when the economy starts to pick up again? by Janet Ison
58The Life Cycle Of An Organisation: Know Thyself
Gordon Davidson details the life cycle of organisations and the “critical transition points” faced as an organisation grows from its early beginnings as small business to
mid-sized organisation and then in the case of some, to large, mature business.
65Professional Development Guide

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