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The human face of banking: Putting the people back into banks

The Top 200 Campaign
As part of this year’s Deloitte/Management magazine Top 200 Companies campaign ‘Understanding the New World’, we continue our series of six themes examining major contemporary issues and opportunities for business. This month, an analysis of banking.

The human face of banking
Just how close New Zealand came to financial disaster during seismic shifts in the financial world last year we may never know. But the face of banking will never be the same, say those in the industry. Brenda Ward discovers after the shake-up, banks are going back to people.

FACE TO FACE: Wayne Besant – bit of legend
We need more authentic Kiwi leaders, says AIA’s new group CEO, Wayne Besant. As he moves from banking to take fresh perspective into insurance, Besant tells Brenda Ward the finance industry has to do more to help Kiwis understand money.

SMART COMPANY: First cab off the rank
Thinking differently about managing fleet of cabs has worked for Kiwi company TaxiCharge, says Reg Birchfield.

EXPORTS: Chinese whispers
Every Kiwi company should be looking at doing business with China, says Kiwi who has experienced that country’s growth first-hand. Martin Freeth finds out why.

ETHICS: Tackling bribery and corruption
When it comes to anti-corruption policies, New Zealand companies may not be as good as we think we are, finds Reg Birchfield.

STAFF RETENTION: More than just job
Increasingly, companies are using methods other than pay to reward and motivate staff. Brenda Ward looks at two companies looking outside the square in increasing staff engagement – BDO and Vodafone.

FLEETS: Reinventing the wheel
Alastair Sloane test-drives practically every new car in his role as the NZ Herald’s motoring editor. He runs Brenda Ward through some of the top cars for you and your business.

TRAINING: Cyberstudy – the future?
As online training takes off, Brenda Ward looks at the benefits of virtual learning versus traditional face-to-face methods.

LEADERSHIP: From rockets to cataracts
It’s not rocket science… or maybe it is. Winners of the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Awards showed inspiring leaders can come from fields as varied as medicine and astronautics.

Women on boards
As Australia adopts rules on women board members, Susan Hornsby-Geluk speculates that New Zealand may follow suit.

It’s lonely at the top
Should boards, at the first sign of stress, bundle their high-paid CEOs out? Clive Plucknett tells Reg Birchfield how boards should react.

Paid to fail
Iain McCormick looks at CEOs who get big payouts even as their companies are failing – and what boards can do here.

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Reg Birchfield, Brenda Ward
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