CONTENTS : June 2010

Cover Story : Tech Revolution
Harnessing the power of social media

The Top 200 Campaign
To launch this year’s Deloitte/Management Top 200 Companies campaign,‘Understanding the New World’, this month we start the first of series of six themes examining major contemporary issues and opportunities for business. This month, technology meets humanity.

Harnessing the power of social media
If your company’s not into social media, the hottest new rocket in business will leave you in its wake. Brenda Ward asks the experts how Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are changing the universe of marketing and communications.

FACE TO FACE: Mr Tourism
Kevin Bowler, our new head of tourism, already has vision of how to build this country’s visitor industry – and it’s digital future he’s foreseeing.

SMART COMPANY: Inside the brain of tech tribe
Scott Barlett says Orcon’s ‘circular’ culture of creativity and innovation has got his internet service provider company to number four telco in New Zealand. Brenda Ward finds out how.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Locking up your ideas
With the rise of the internet, the risk of losing your hot new product to rival has suddenly become very real. You can’t shut your ideas up with lock and key, but you can take steps to protect them, says Simon Martin.

VERO AWARDS: When design works
Innovative design thinking has won Designworks major award, plus the buzz about Bizzone expo.

Get away for your type of holiday – adventure, relaxation or basking in luxury.

Keeping your business safe from internet threats
10 ways to become green belt
Central courses
My 100 days in China
What where when
Member comment: Mark Woodard

IN TOUCH: As I See It, Managers Abroad, News & Views, Focus
NZIM: Mediocre managers
Reg Birchfield

LEGISLATION: Care as you earn
SUSTAINABILITY: Guilt-free paper
Peter Neilson

HEALTHY LIFESTYLES: The cost of getting sick
Peter Tynan
Martin Freeth, Sonya Crosby, Brenda Ward
LEADERSHIP NZ: Hands up, leaders!
Shawna Murray
THOUGHT LEADER: Why isn’t education working?
Phil O’Reilly
POLITICS: What has the Maori party really won?
Colin James
ECONOMICS: Kicking profits into touch
Bob Edlin

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Create the change you want
Brenda Ward
TOP TIPS: Five workplace rules that are made to be bent
Megan Alexander

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A focus on culture

Rabobank’s 520-plus New Zealand employees work from 27 locations – places like Ashburton, Pukekohe and Feilding and from a purpose-built head office in Hamilton. Its employees are proud of the

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