CONTENTS : MARCH 2007 : Vol 54 No 2

Cover Story Six of the best – World class leaders
Whether they’re in biotech or business, distilling alcohol or ideas, creating new software or pioneering new science, New Zealand leaders have proved they can foot it with the best in the world. Six have just been nominated for the 2007 World Class NZ Awards. Who are they and what have they learned about leadership? by Vicki Jayne and Toni Myers.

Big Issues Priming the talent pump: Is immigration up to it?
They’re global, mobile and in demand. How can New Zealand attract its share of skilled workers? Are our immigration policies help or hindrance? by Graeme Hunt

Face to Face Keith Turner: Energy for life
A lifetime of working in the power industry must have rubbed off on Keith Turner – he seems to have energy to burn. And for all his emphasis on being an ‘ordinary’ Kiwi bloke, he’s been quietly generating some major corporate achievements. by Vicki Jayne

Case Study When acquisition works: The Nuplex story
It’s bought into Aussie without getting burned – now it’s going global. What is the secret of Nuplex’s acquisition strategy? by Jenny Ruth

Project Management People, Process & Performance: How to get the recipe right?
As profession it’s still in junior league. At performance level – project management still depends too heavily on its natural “heroes”. How best to build consistent project management success? by Vicki Jayne

Executive Health Our workforce is aging: Should companies care?
The older we get, the more health-related problems we suffer – right? So it follows that workplaces need to beef up their health management. Are Kiwi employers prepared? And do older workers really represent health problem? by Toni Myers

• Editor’s Letter
• InTouch
• As I See It


• Thought Leaders
by David Moloney
• Politics
by Colin James
• Economics
by Bob Edlin


• Bookcase
by Reg Birchfield, Ian F Grant
by David Chapman
• Corporate Governance
by James Lockhart


• Techwise
by Mark Evans
• Sustainability
by Julia Hoare
• After Thought
by Kevin Gaunt

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