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Ailing DHB Directors – Tony Ryall’s health sector tonic
The directors of New Zealand’s 21 District Health Boards are collectively responsible for delivering the nation’s frequently criticised health services and spending almost $10 billion year, or 75 percent of the Government’s total health budget. Governance experts say too many DHB directors are simply not up to the task. Now Health Minister Tony Ryall is turning up the heat. But can he, as he puts it, get them to “lift their game”? Jens Mueller and Reg Birchfield report.


MIGRANTS & MENTORS : Bridging The “Kiwi Experience” Gap – It’s Catch 22 for migrants
We invite them to our country because we need their skills – but then either reject or underutilise their input because they lack “Kiwi” work experience. Can mentoring make difference? by Vicki Jayne

LEADERSHIP : Lost At Sea – Lessons Pacific shippers should have learnt
The unfolding tragedy of the loss of 74 passengers and crew when the Tongan inter-island ferry Princess Ashika sank in August last year is being revealed by Royal Commission of Enquiry that began last October. The disaster could, it seems, have been avoided. by Bruce Gilkison

FACE TO FACE: Peter Lynn – The very model of modern money manager
Peter Lynn might look like the fresh new face of investment funds management but, he’s still focused on the same thing that has always motivated money business managers most – growth. He talked to Reg Birchfield.

EXEC TECH : Tech Tidy Part 11 – Hardware Must-haves
Just like car, computer equipment depreciates, but you need to consider more than just the monetary value – dated equipment costs you valuable time and is simply not as efficient as more recent technology. by Pauline Herbst


COVER STORY : Project Alliance Boards – The Infrastructure World’s Board Revolution
A quiet revolution is transforming New Zealand’s world of infrastructure development. Iain McCormick reports from the front lines.

GOVERNANCE & MANAGEMENT : 54 The Paper Plus tale – How Mike Paardekooper and Rob Smith are re-writing their business
Former Group general manager Warehouse Stationery, Rob Smith, was, until five years ago corporate man. Now he works in harness with Paper Plus store owner and Paper Plus Group chairman Mike Paardekooper, re-writing their cooperative success story. by Reg Birchfield

BOARDTALK : Doug Matheson – Boards Behaving Ethically
The loss of public confidence and trust in today’s boards and senior management is widespread. The Director asked professional director and governance expert Doug Matheson why, and what needs to be done?


• Editor’s Letter
• In Touch: News and Views
• On the Move
• Executive Development
• NZIM: Keep Your Best – Retaining Returns More Than Recruiting
Reg Birchfield

Just Good Business

• News
• Sustainability: Is Factory Farm Din Obscuring Consumer Voices?
Peter Neilson
• Profile: Workchoice – Bridge To Business
Vicki Jayne


• Thought Leader: Better Times In Tough Market
Marc Burrage
• Bookcase
Reg Birchfield
• Politics: How To Spend Political Capital
Colin James
• Economics: Taxation Reform Shouldn’t Be So Taxing
Bob Edlin
• Healthy Workstyles: Walk Your Way To Healthier Workplace
Peter Tynan


• Top Tips: Twelve Inspiring Leadership Behaviours
• Consultation: Brainstorming Is Brilliant
Kevin Vincent

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