Contents: March 2013 : Vol 60 No 2

The Money Issue
The CFO & spotting fraud: We’re not as safe as we think we are.
The fraud investigator who blew the whistle on Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme eight years before it unravelled gives five tips to New Zealand CFOs on how to spot and stop massive fraud. Financial journalist Bernard Hickey reports.

Asia – Our chance to advance
Asian institutions and perspectives are increasingly shaping the global financial landscape. Ruth Le Pla questions NZ business’ response to the opportunities.

Face to Face: Charles Anderson – Mitigating risk, embracing sustainability
Sovereign CEO Charles Anderson tells Vicki Jayne why he thinks business as usual is no longer an option – and how business is taking lead in creating more sustainable societies

The Co-op Bank – model gaining traction in the post-GFC world
When the PSIS became the Co-operative Bank in 2011 it provided New Zealanders with banking option stemming from entirely different principles than those that drive our major trading banks.

Managing risk: The four global megaforces impacting business risk
No industry has felt the impact of recent disasters like the insurance sector – and every business and householder wears the downstream outcomes. Reg Birchfield talks to KPMG about the outlook for insurance, and its business impact, for at least the next decade.

INBOX: News and views
FOCUS: BusinessNZ cocktail party; Leadership NZ 2013 programme launch
AS I SEE IT: Rhys Bateman
MANAGERS ABROAD: Linda Jenkinson
NZIM: Willing to innovate? Reg Birchfield

POLITICS: Settling contentious policies Colin James
ECONOMICS: Quantitative easing pros & cons Bob Edlin
LEADERSHIP: Arrogance watch Reg Birchfield
THOUGHT LEADER: Coping with change Jo Brosnahan
BOOKCASE: Tap dancing to work; The pirate organization Reg Birchfield, Ruth Le Pla

EXECUTIVE HEALTH: Good raps for health apps Peter Tynan

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