CONTENTS: May 2010

Lead Story
MBAs – Are they WORTH IT?
What is it about Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree that attracts such an ambivalent global reaction to its worth? Those who sweat the usually demanding programme call the experience “life changing”; NZ employers seem unconvinced. Reg Birchfield explores why.

Helen Robinson – Kiwi in full flight
It’s not just her travel schedule that makes Helen Robinson Kiwi in full flight. Her background may be in software but Markit’s global managing director for environmental markets has proved that her eye for opportunity and ability to build scale is totally transportable – into whole new area of global trade. by Reg Birchfield

The Unlikely Addicts – Out Of It
It can happen in any family – and in any workplace. Abuse of drugs and alcohol leads to accidents, poor performance, lost productivity and dysfunction within teams. Brenda Ward talks to the experts, the victims and those who’ve dealt with the fallout.

And The Winner Is… Brand News
When times are tough, why do companies choose sponsorships over other forms of marketing? Brenda Ward asks those who make the decisions.

Bi-annual Professional Development Guide
Get Up and Go – Investing In People
When the economy is slowing down, you need your people running at top speed. Training will keep them up to date and engaged, says Brenda Ward.

Big Brother Is Watching…
Knowing theft is going on in your company is one thing; being able to bring the culprits to task is another. The secret is verifiable, security-grade video footage. Pauline Herbst talks to two experts about the latest developments in surveillance camera technology.

Directors Need More Competence Than Commitment
Jens Mueller and Sandy Maier

Snakes In Suits – When Good CEOs Go Bad
Iain McCormick

Considering Community-good Governance?
Tony Hassed

• Editor’s Letter
• In Touch: As I See It; Managers Abroad; News & Views; Focus
• On the Move
• Executive Development
• NZIM: Experiential Learning – Just reflect on it
Reg Birchfield

Just Good Business
• Profile: Space-based Productivity
Vicki Jayne
• Sustainability: Keeping Kiwis’ Deep Green Values
Peter Neilson

• Healthy Workstyles: Food For Thought – And Productivity
Peter Tynan
• Bookcase
Reg Birchfield & Vicki Jayne
• Thought Leader: The Blame Game
Tom McBrearty
• Politics: The English Test
Colin James
• Economics: Forecast – Mixed Messages
Bob Edlin

• Top Tips: The “Must-dos” Of Datamining
Sonya Crosby

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