Contents: May 2011

Managing risk: After the crisis
Risk is fact of business and organisational life. Managing it effectively, given the impact of events such as the Global Financial Crisis and the Christchurch and Japanese earthquakes, is critically important.
Steve Best explains why.

Face to Face: Peter Chrisp – Focus and aspiration
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s new CEO Peter Chrisp on his leadership stategy. By Ruth Le Pla

NZ’s own Mad Man – Advertising’s top CEO
Sandy Moore is the New Zealand advertising industry’s chief executive of the year. The head of the local arm of global agency DDB tells Steve Best about the stresses and secrets of managing difficult egos and dealing with the challenges of adapting to the rise and rise of social media.

Responsible Governance: Why are we reluctant practitioners?
Do New Zealand’s directors and chief executives understand what responsible governance is all about and just how important it is? NZ Management’s Reg Birchfield isn’t sure and he wants to find our best governed enterprises.

Professional Development: Mastering the future
What are our universities doing to better match their MBA programmes to fast-changing business needs? And, getting personal, have you got what it takes to do an MBA?
Ruth Le Pla reports.
Plus: Bi-annual Professional Development Guide

The Director
Dr Alan Bollard: The governor’s prophetic warning
Reg Birchfield talks to Reserve Bank Governor Dr Alan Bollard on the governance lessons to be learned from the Global Financial Crisis.

Goodwill hunting: Not-for-profit governance
The rise and rise of not-for-profit organisations and enterprises is putting pressure on their fundraising and also on the directors who stump up with their governance services gratis.
The Director’s writer-at-large Reg Birchfield explains.

Mitigating risks
In these fast-changing, difficult days of recession, risk management sits in on every board meeting. By Tony Street.

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