CONTENTS : November 2010

This year’s Deloitte/Management Top 200 Companies campaign,‘Understanding the New World’, examines six major contemporary issues and opportunities for business. This month, how New Zealand can be world-class centre of innovation.

Cover Story : Innovation nation

IBM NZ’s managing director on what we need to lead the world
Could Kiwis’ have-a-go mindset be the very thing that holds us back from being world-class centre of innovation and thinking? Ruth Le Pla analyses why New Zealand is falling behind in the innovation stakes.


Smart Company: The grass is greener

From complex in Palmerston North, Fonterra’s little-known research and development division is creating products that are the envy of the world, says Brenda Ward.

Face to Face: Rod Drury – wired to the world

Technology innovator. CEO of Xero. Director of NZX. Part of the Pacific Fibre project. Husband and father. NZ Management finds that Rod Drury does everything ‘automagically’.

EEO Trust Awards: Get life into work

Business, staff and families all benefit from workplace diversity initiatives, says EEO Trust CEO Philippa Reed. Brenda Ward spoke to her about New Zealand’s top workplace performers.

Exporting: New frontiers in the Gulf

New Zealand companies need to look at the United Arab Emirates as an export destination, say Richard Cathie and Mark Brown.

Exec driver: Lease business booming

As trading conditions remain unstable, more companies are turning to car leases – and they’re buying smaller cars.

Voice: Personal space invaders

Social media may start as an in-house social chat room, but it can turn into an amazing corporate tool, says Deloitte Australia’s Louise Denver.

Professional Development: Training in the real world
Professional development courses are now available in subjects as varied as winning at office politics, how to be an entrepreneur, or overcoming phobia of public speaking.
Plus: NZ Management’s Bi-annual Professional Development Guide

The Director
Old dogs and new tricks
The upsides of ageing – ‘from warrior to wisdom’ – can give older boards distinct advantages, Iain McCormick suggests.

Capex scrutiny crucial part of good governance

Systemised capex appraisal is vital to creating shareholder wealth, argues specialist consultant in the field Tony Street.

• INBOX: News and views
• AS I SEE IT: Kelvin Hussey, CallPlus
• SUSTAINABILITY: The road to sustainability. Peter Neilson
• NZIM: Now is the time for leadership. Reg Birchfield

• POLITICS: From the edge of the world.
Colin James
• THOUGHT LEADER: The way we work.
Judy McGregor

• Exec Health: look under the hood.
Peter Tynan
• Bookcase: The CEO’s Boss: Tough Love in the Boardroom; Preparing for Take-off.
Brenda Ward
• Exec 10 Tips: Better internal communications.
Karyn Arkell

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