Cover Story: In Our Hands – An Economy For The Future
Signs the recession may be releasing its grip could be good news for the economy, but is it bad news for the planet? What if the ‘growth is good’ mantra so central to mainstream economics is just collective delusion? And if it is, can we wean ourselves off it? Well, yes. And business could take lead. by Vicki Jayne

Top 200 – The 20/20 View: Part 1: From Pain To Profit
The Deloitte/Management magazine Top 200 Awards turn 20 this year. In two-part series, founder/creator of the Awards and former NZ Management publisher Reg Birchfield reflects on the first 10 years of the Awards’ history.

Peter Walls: On High Note
There’s lot of fine-tuning in Peter Walls’ job. As CEO of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, he has to strike the right notes on both artistic and commercial fronts. How challenging performance is it? by Vicki Jayne

Kiwis Abroad: Bridging Cultural Gaps
New Zealanders do business across the ditch, around the globe, in fact, wherever they want to. lot of coverage is given to working within our multicultural workforce at home, but
what about offshore? Are your business negotiations being hampered by poor etiquette and assumptions? Pauline Herbst consults the experts.

NZIM’s Focus on Management
Effective recruitment in competitive market; Member comment from Cheryl Doig; Regional roundup; and, What When Where.

Building Natural Capital: Profitable Planet Pleasers
Is it possible to grow business while reducing planetary impact? Absolutely. The clean green Kiwi corp is expanding. Ruth Le Pla talks to three proponents.

It’s Show Time – In Berlin: Fair Trading
Organised by Messe Berlin GmbH, IFA is now the world’s biggest consumer electronics and appliances trade show, covering 121,000m2 of display space and hosting 1164 exhibitors. While in Berlin, Pauline Herbst spoke to Messe Berlin CEO Raimund Hosch.

Insight Europe: Live from IFA 2009
Berlin-based IFA showcases the latest innovations in technology. Pauline Herbst reports.

• Editor’s Letter
• In Touch: News; Managers Abroad: Grant Kreft; SmartCo: Triodent
• On the Move
• Executive Development
• NZIM: Risk? It’s Positive Thing…, by Jim Young

Just Good Business
• News
• Sustainability: Fun Begins When Emissions Pricing Dust Settles Peter Neilson
• Profile: The GHG Dilemma – by Bryan Gundersen

• Thought Leader: Building on New Zealand’s Natural Capital
Bob Field
• Books: Helen Clark: Political Life
Reg Birchfield
• Politics: Water On Stone: Making Policy Stick
Colin James
• Economics: We Want Investors – Not Speculators
Bob Edlin
• As I See It
Michelle Quirk
• Health: Walk All Around The World
Peter Tynan
• Comment: Riding The Transformation Wave
Greg Pellegrino

Consultation: On Faith And Clarity
Kevin Vincent
• Top Tips: How Businesses Can Use Social Media
Manus Kumar

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