Contents : September 2007 • Vol 54, No 8

Cover Story Home Team Advantage – What Can Business Learn From Sport?
With the Rugby World Cup about to kick off, the Netball World Champs just weeks away and the 100-day countdown to the Beijing Olympics in full swing, it’s impossible to avoid sport. So while it’s dominating the headlines and water cooler discussions let’s take closer look at what sport can teach the business sector.
by Ellen Read

Corporate Governance Breaking into NZ Boardrooms – Towards Effective Governance
What is good governance? How is it practised in New Zealand? new survey highlights changing trends and identifies growing and un-met demand for boardroom skills. NZ Management outlines the survey results and invited panel of experts to debate some of the issues raised. by Vicki Jayne

Face to Face Richard Taylor – Creatively Kiwi
For someone who claims little in the way of actual business knowledge, Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor has identified great recipe for business success. He also models two of its key ingredients very well: passion and tenacity. by Vicki Jayne

Local Government Considering Council Conundrums – The reality of council rates
With local government elections to be held on October 13, Colin James looks at the the issues and opportunities facing the country’s councils – and some things businesses should consider.

Work-Life Balance Diversity champions – Why they win talent wars
How do you attract and keep the best talent? What’s the recipe for increased workforce productivity? Organisations that come up with the most creative solutions to such questions seem to have something in common – managers who listen. Vicki Jayne profiles some award-winning EEO innovators.

Technology Do Techies Rule? – Aligning Business and ICT
Development in information and communication technologies creates new business opportunities and customer expectations. But is the future of IT shaping the future of business or vice versa – how do managers ensure both are closely aligned? by Vikki Bland

Executive Leasing Till Retirement Us Do Part… or Not – The rising popularity of contractors
Experienced executives are increasingly shunning the security of permanent positions in favour of short-term contract positions. Why is this happening – and is it good for management? Vikki Bland investigates.

Strategic Planning The Grand Plan – Why it’s long term thing
Are Kiwis culturally incapable of thinking long term? What’s wrong with shoving ‘strategy’ on schedule? Ellen Read explores the common pitfalls of strategic planning.


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