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What’s so great about Beca?
Taking out both 2011’s Most Reputable Company gong and the supreme award, Most Reputable Organisation, on top of Company of the Year in the 2010 Top 200 awards, Beca’s star is on the rise and rise. What is it about Beca that is earning these accolades?

Top 200 Thinking 2011
Harnessing the brainpower of our leaders to activate transformation.
Jeremy Moon, Founder and CEO of Icebreaker; Chair of Better By Design … New Zealand has to connect with the world to be relevant.

EEO Work and Life Awards: Valuing people – creating value
If the recent furore over gender pay equity seems like blast from the past then the EEO Trust Work & Life Awards offer refreshing vision for the future. As this year’s winners again prove – empowering individuals to give their best is what really puts the “force” behind “work”. How? Vicki Jayne counts the ways.

Face to Face: Andrew Mackmurdie – Is HR missing the boat?
The future of human resource management is up for debate. Is it or isn’t it relevant any more? Andrew Mackmurdie, Hay Group’s regional practice leader Asia-Pacific and Africa, talks to Reg Birchfield.

Responsible Governance: Solid Energy’s burning commitment
Christchurch-based state-owned enterprise Solid Energy sees the commitments it is making, particularly to protecting New Zealand’s natural environment, as solid evidence that it takes responsible governance seriously.

The Director
The sorry story of our women on boards
Corporate New Zealand’s persistent and self-defeating failure to appoint women to the boards of our major companies continues unabated. Board chairmen, the NZX and the Institute of Directors could sort this sorry state of affairs if they cared to, reports Reg Birchfield.

Off with their heads!
Everything about the furore created by the remarks of former Employers and Manufacturers Association chief executive Alasdair Thompson and his subsequent departure demonstrates substandard corporate governance. By Jens Mueller.

Gain from the green game
Boards wanting to lift their environmental performance should think about appointing independent, more experienced and perhaps legally competent directors.

NZ’s Most Reputable Organisations
20 The overview…
26 Beca takes the long view
28 Companies finalists
30 Most Reputable SOE and finalists
32 Most Reputable Government Department and finalists
34 Most Reputable Not For Profit and finalists

INBOX: New and views
AS I SEE IT: Brendan Hoare
NZIM: Integration! NZIM – the next chapter
Reg Birchfield

POLITICS: radical departs the public service still sparking
Colin James
ECONOMICS: Are the poor getting poorer?
Bob Edlin
LEADERSHIP: Men leading badly
Reg Birchfield
MANAGING SUSTAINABLY: Taking 40-year view
Jamie Sinclair
THOUGHT LEADER: Executing on innovation
Duncan Mackintosh
BOOKCASE: Groundswell; The Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success

EXEC HEALTH: Rubbing the salt in
Peter Tynan
TOP TIPS: How leaders change hearts and minds
Joseph Grenny

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