THE DAILY DRUCKER: The Managerial Attitude

The demands for “managerial attitude” on the part of even the lowliest worker is an innovation.

No part of the productive resources of industry operates at lower efficiency than the human resources. The few enterprises that have been able to tap this unused reservoir of human ability and attitude have achieved spectacular increases in productivity and output. In the better use of human resources lies the major opportunity for increasing productivity in the great majority of enterprises – so that the management of people should be the first and foremost concern of operating managements, rather than the management of things and techniques, on which attention has been focused so far.
We also know what makes for the efficiency and productivity of the human resources of production. It is not primarily skill or pay; it is, first and foremost, an attitude – the one we call the “managerial attitude”. By this we mean an attitude that makes the individual see his job, his work, and his product the way manager sees them, that is, in relation to the group and the product as whole.

Action point: What actions can you take now to impart sense of managerial responsibility into your workforce?

The New Society Extracted from Peter Drucker’s book The Daily Drucker.

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