Ditch and switch for career growth

Complete findings are published in new report, The Autonomous and Empowered Workforce.

The findings show that in spite of lingering uncertainty in the economy, more than two-thirds (69 percent) of respondents believe if they did change jobs, they would be in good position to negotiate similar or better position.

Kelly Services says the responses reflect changing attitude from workers, with more seeking to gain new experiences and skills with multiple employers.
The results also show:
• Almost three-quarters (70 percent) consider work experience with multiple employers to be an asset to their career growth and advancement.
• Just one-third of respondents (31 percent) see the idea of career-for-life with one employer as “relevant”.
• This notion of “one-employer career” is stronger in the Americas (49 percent) than in APAC (29 percent) and EMEA (21 percent).
• Employees with professional and technical skills are less attracted to the idea of career-for-life with one employer (28 percent) than other workers (35 percent).
For more specifics on responses from Kiwis to this latest Kelly Services survey see Executive Update article “Kelly finds confident Kiwis”.

NZ Management magazine’s November issue will focus on talent management. It will include best practice approaches to recruiting, retaining and rewarding the best employees, and comprehensive guide to professional development opportunities for current and aspiring senior executives.

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