EDITORIAL: Transformation

It’s no secret that New Zealand’s economy needs help. Not only because it is being buffeted by Hurricane Global-Economy (apologies, but if I have to write global recession, current economic crisis or financial downturn once more then I may actually lose my mind), but because it is high time this country faces up to the fact that, even when things are good, we can no longer rely on our economic legacy (forestry, farming and manufacturing) to sustain us.
This month’s cover story follows one man’s vision for the transformation of the New Zealand economy – well, one man’s drive to encourage people to form vision. As Martin Freeth writes: High-tech companies turn ideas into high-value products – and they could turn New Zealand into more prosperous and lively place to live. So says Paul Callaghan, the country’s most distinguished physicist and newest business prophet. His Wool to Weta thesis is certainly turning heads in time of deepening recession. Go to page 34 for more.
And while we’re on the subject of making things better, big thumbs up to Wellington skincare company Trilogy for helping build New Zealand’s reputation as nation of ‘can do’ and innovative people and businesses. The company’s ‘R-Proof Office’ campaign which began as bit of light-hearted fun, has garnered global attention with UK chemist giant Boots contacting them to sign up. (See page 55). Initiatives like this – which have serious business messages underlying more frivolous image – can only help put New Zealand on the world stage. It is proof that there are opportunities to be taken advantage of if you look hard and think outside the square.

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