EDITOR’S LETTER : Deciphering the Talk

Emissions Trading Scheme – there’s lot of talk around but what do we really know about the planned scheme and how it will affect our lives and businesses? Without knowing what the final version will look like, and how much political support it will garner, many people not directly affected will have tuned out, deciding it’s something they can consider at later date. But, as Ruth Le Pla discovers in this month’s lead story, experts are warning against such complacency and urging businesspeople to begin preparations now or risk missing out on the best options. Take look at page 26 to find out why.
‘Talk’ is an accusation that could easily be thrown towards SkyCity Entertainment given the debate and strongly held feelings around its business base. Vicki Jayne talks to the company’s new CEO, Nigel Morrison, and finds man who is open, honest and very knowledgeable about the sector. Yes, it is difficult industry to promote these days but Morrison has taken on the challenge of SkyCity with vengeance and thirst for success. Read more on page 32.
We also take look at group of younger workers – the next batch of managers perhaps – who put business environmental footprints at the top of the list when considering where to work. Given the tight labour market for skilled workers and the ageing of our current management pool, this candidate choice is something no employer can afford to ignore.
Along with this August issue of NZ Management, you will find new magazine – Leadership – which 3media Group has published in association with the Sir Peter Blake Trust. Leadership tells the stories of some of the country’s best leaders, some of those we have exported and of the next generation. The magazine is celebration of leadership in New Zealand and reminder that we do produce top leaders and need to keep on doing so. Enjoy it.

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