EDITOR’S LETTER : New directions

There have been some big changes in business in the past couple of years. Increasingly, we’re finding that what used to work doesn’t necessarily work any longer. Kiwis are hungry for new and exciting paradigms to help us navigate this volatile world we find ourselves in.
As New Zealand has been asking itself the hard questions, at NZ Management magazine we’ve been listening. Time and again the same themes have come up as we’ve talked to the people who drive this country, its business, its infrastructure and its people.
From all those conversations, we’ve identified some key themes, from banking to brands, that need to be examined in the light of this new world we’re facing. So that’s what we’re planning to do over the next six months in the magazine.
Initiating these conversations is the Deloitte/NZ Management magazine Top 200 Companies programme, which is increasingly becoming symbol of what is great in New Zealand business.
As the Top 200 reaches its 21st anniversary, we see it gathering momentum, becoming think-tank, catalyst for change and growing force in the psyche of New Zealand business. We want to see it become club of like-minded business people, all working together to make this better place to live and work.
At NZ Management we’re planning to take the values of the Top 200 and nurture them within the magazine, exploring the philosophies that shape our new world. Look out for themes on New Zealand as an incubator, on the new face of banking, on fresh technologies, on sustainability, and on the people, the whanau and the interconnected relationships that make this country so special in the world. This month we begin with social media, which comes roaring out of popular culture to become the hottest new communications tool in the box (see feature on p34).
As the new editor of NZ Management I’m proud to be leading magazine that’s already been talking to our most influential figures for 55 years. Now the magazine moves into new era, remaining trusted reporter and adviser, but emerging also as an influencer and thought leader, inspiring us to work together for the future of New Zealand. We’d love to hear how you can help us.

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